Тема школа на английском языке

There are a lot of different kinds of schools all over the world. They are: gymnasiums, state secondary schools, private schools, public schools, religious schools, primary schools and also comprehensive schools.

Every country has its own educational system. For example, in Russia you have to go a long way of education if you want to have a good job. Usually, at first, small children go to kindergartens when they are two years old. There they learn letters, colors and they even can start learning foreign languages! Then when they are six or seven years old they begin going to primary school. There they learn how to write, read and count. When they finish the 5th form, they begin going to the secondary school. In the 9th form each pupil must take GCE. If they pass this exam, they can choose between staying at school or going to the college. After that, they go to the university.

Five days a week I go to school. Our school is specialized on the English language. Our school used to have three buildings but now it has only two — primary and secondary school. It hasn’t got its own buses, which catch pupils every morning. But I think my school is perfect and has its own advantages. There are a lot of graduated teachers in our school. Every teacher is very good and can give useful knowledge. On Saturday we have no school. Every pupil wears a uniform. The main colors in our school are blue and white. We have two very comfortable IT classrooms, where every pupil has their own seat. We go on different excursions and we learn two foreign languages. We learn foreign languages in groups, so we have a small setting. As for me, in our school there is very tasty food.

I like my school. When I come there, I can feel a friendly atmosphere. I love my classmates. I think our class is the best ever. Every person has their own character and is a good friend.

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