Определить уровень английского языка ТЕСТ

Данный тест поможет Вам определить уровень английского языка в соответствии с международной системой. Тест рассчитан на определение уровней:

1. Elementary

2. Pre-intermediate/Intermediate

3. Upper-intermediate

4. Advanced

Тест состоит из 50 вопросов(от простого к сложному), ограничения по времени нет. Чтобы получить достоверный результат, старайтесь не использовать какие-либо справочные материалы. Желаем Вам удачи!



1. ___________________your name?

2. _________ old are you?

3. Выберите верное

4. ______a bicycle?

5. John___________ a tennis racket

6. Give it to______

7. Выберите верное

8. _______on the left in America

9. Whose desk is this?___________

10. Выберите верное

11. Выберите верное

12. Walk!

13. Listen! I________________to you

14. Выберите верное

15. ________________ people over there are German

16. How many chairs are there?

17. I haven’t got__________________money

18. There are_______________people here already

19. Were there many people at the party?

20. Sarah__________out last night

21. I went to America _____________English

22. She’s___________than I am

23. He’s ____________ at tennis than football

24. You’re not___________I am

25. I_________________TV this evening

26. Выберите верное

27. I enjoy________________early

28. Выберите верное

29. Oh no!______________ my key

30. _____________English since I was 12

31. I spoke to a girl________ was from Spain

32. I was in America____________three weeks

33. When I looked out of the window,___________________.

34. He left without__________________goodbye

35. I don’t mind_______________________

36. He speaks Italian______________________

37. If you _____________the box, you’ll find a present

38. I like this song.

39. You ________________speak perfect English to get this job

40. English___________________all over the world

41. My phone_________________

42. If you______it, it would break

43. _________________this letter for me

44. I didn’t speak to_____________

45. These machines__________________

46. Have you got any idea what___________________?

47. I suppose, given better weather, I__________ out

48. Whenever the bell rang, our stupid dog______rush to the door barking

49. If only_____ time to do a bit more sightseeing

50. It really is high time______________.