Тема новый год на английском языке

In England the New Year is not as widely observed as Christmas. Some people ignore it completely and go to bed at the same time as usual on New Year’s Eve.

Many others do celebrate it in one way or another. The most common type of celebration is a New Year party, either a family party or one arranged by a group of young people.  This usually begins at about 8 o’clock and goes on until the early hours of morning.

Sometimes the hosts make a big bowl of punch which consists of wine, spirits, fruit juice and water in varying proportions.

At midnight TV is turned on, so that everyone can hear the chimes of Big Ben. Then the party goes on.

Another popular way of celebrating New Year is to go to a New Year’s dance. Most hotels and dance halls hold a special dance on New Year’s Eve. The most famous celebration is in London round the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus where crowds gather and sing and welcome in the New Year. In Trafalgar square there is also a big crowd and someone usually falls into the fountain.

January 1st, the New Year’s Day, is not a public holiday. Some people send New Year cards and give presents but this is not a widespread tradition. This is a traditional time for making «New Year resolutions», for example, to give up smoking, or to get up earlier. However, these are generally more talked about than put into practice.

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