Тема компьютеры на английском языке

Mankind always wanted to have an easier life. And the real revolution happened: scientists presented a masterpiece of human genius — a computer. In our days, modern life got new possibilities. The planet found the second breath. Today any child can communicate with his friends from another hemisphere. Such net communication makes young people study foreign languages. You see that it is very cool to have a talk with a friend in his mother tongue. Nowadays, information about events occurred in the other side of our world immediately spreads in a few minutes. Thanks to the e-mail system, our messages reach the destination in 2-3 minutes. A computer becomes a reliable helper almost in all of these things: watching films (you don’t need to turn on TV or go to the cinema), listening to music, reading books, (there is no reason to go to a library or to a book-shop) playing games.

Some parents have extremely negative thoughts about them, but sometimes they can really help to increase the level of knowledge. Computers substitute real life. Lots of people spend hours playing games all day long. But sometimes it depends on their job, and eventually confusing a virtual world with reality. «Computer dependence» strikes more and more young people. Now we can’t imagine our world without modem technologies. Everything that surrounds us has a connection with them: we listen to MP3 music, watch TV, chat online. It makes our lives easier and more interesting. Imagine the fifteenth century. Society is still restricted, there are a lot of unsatisfied needs. But people communicate in a real life, more free time and they are not burdened with questions like:»Did I turn off the iron?» or «How can we save electricity?» Let’s come back to our time — constant stresses, an overload of urgent daily business, useless excitation. These are the results of our sitting in the network as robots and not knowing how to find the exit from it. We lose our common sense as well as our free time. Scientists state that we should spend at least one day without any technologies. Then we will live in harmony with the real world. If we want our lives to become better, we shouldn’t avoid the technologies… we just need to use them right and organize our time. A computer is a necessity of the modern time. Some people use a computer for doing their work; others use it for saving their personal information, photos, music etc.; the third use it only for entertaining.

But there are also people who do not know what a computer is. If you have got a computer and you spend all your time working or playing on it every day, you should know that it is harmful for your health. Firstly, you can have problems with your eyesight. Secondly, playing computer games, especially online games, you prefer them to your studying or walking with your friends. And thirdly, people who like to play computer games or surf the Internet do not read books or watch scientific programs. They don’t develop their life skills. Centuries ago people did every piece of work themselves. Now a lot of duties can be shared with a computer. A computer is a great helper. It can help us widen our knowledge, find information on different topics, connect with friends. Some computer games can increase our intelligence and memory.

But there are also some disadvantages of using computers. For example, a lot of electricity is used. Eyesight is getting worse. Frequent computer use can cause insomnia. People forget about their friends. True values are neglected. Telling the truth, every house, school or office has a computer. One of the main advantages of using a computer is the time saved on information search. Nowadays children can learn basic computer skills with programs and games that can help them to learn, draw, paint. In our modern world, this knowledge is very useful for them in the future. However, there are always some negative aspects of using computers. 30% of all jobs have been lost because the computers, that can do a lot of tasks. Computers can actually cause health problems. Working with a computer is harmful to those who sit in front of the monitor for a long time All in all, I really do believe that computer is a very useful tool. It has changed my life in a great way and actually there is no reason why humans must say NOT to the computer technology.

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